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    Real tips from parents on what to carry in your nappy bag

    Real tips from parents on what to carry in your nappy bag

    It was always a bit of trial and error at the beginning but think I've got my list down to a tee now although my husband always says I overpacked everything - 'just in case'.  I always try to make sure my nappy bag is ready before I need it so that when you're running late getting you and your baby ready to leave the house - at least you know you have everything you need in your nappy bag.

    Here are some tips from my friends on what they pack in their nappy bags.

    "I always made sure I had a muslin/bib/burp cloth and spare change of clothes cos both mine were spewey babies and Max always had poonami's.  And of course their comforter toy, which in both cases were the Jelly cat bunnies." Teri K, Melbourne

    "Spare set of clothes and comforter."  PU K, Melbourne

    "Can't leave home without bibs and a change of clothes for life's unexpected accidents!" Thuc L, London              

    "Depends what age group we're talking about.  0-6 months: Nappies, wet wipes.  6-12 months: wet wipes, bibs.  12-18 months: water bottle, scissors, snacks, portable toilet seat!  18 months onwards: above + paper, pencils, books,puzzles (stuff to keep them entertained)." Ammy L, Melbourne.

    What to pack in your nappy bag

    What to pack in your nappy bag

    Do you feel like you need to pack a suitcase full of baby things when you leave the house? Even if it's only for a couple of hours?  Or do you wonder why you need to pack at all and surely only a couple of nappies will do.  Trust us – a well packed nappy bag will save your day.  Here's our list of what we think you should be packing for your baby and you! 

    For your baby

    • Nappies – pack one for every couple of hours you’re out and a couple extra.
    • Wipes – not only are they useful for nappy changes but sticky hands and surfaces too. Instead of carrying the whole packet, which can be rather chunky and heavy – you can put some wipes in a plastic bag.
    • Changing mat  -  some changing rooms have paper towels to cover the changing station but many don’t so having your own lightweight one is a must and it means you can pretty much change your baby anywhere.
    • Hand cleaning gel - to clean your hands when there’s no basin
      For cleaning your hands after diaper changes when there's no time or place to wash them.
    • Nappy bags – So useful for everything, dirty nappies, clothes, as rubbish bags
    • Bottle(s) of milk – if your baby uses the bottle (we recommend Pura)
    • Dribble bibs - if your baby is teething
    • Meals (if weaning)
    • Snacks (for older babies and toddlers)
    • Water bottles - we recommend Squeasy or Pura.

    Extras, just in case

    • Large muslin cloth – so versatile you can use it to cover your baby for warmth, as a shade, nursing cover, burp cloth.
    • Extra clothes including bib, vest and baby gro – just for those times when you have an accident of some kind.  
    • Dummy/Comforter -  if your baby uses one
    • Sunscreen or a hat to protect your child from the sun
    • Entertainment – a young baby may not need any toy whilst a toddler going to a restaurant will need more distractions – books, colouring paper, stickers and crayons will make your trip out much easier.
    • Medicine – plasters, paracetamol sachets and any other regular medicines
    • Sling or wrap for carrying your baby - sometimes your baby doesn’t want to be in the stroller, sometimes you need to park the stroller or for those times you just want to have your baby close to you.

     Don’t forget your own essentials too!

    • Nursing cover – if you use a breastfeeding cover then you’ll want to take this in your nappy bag
    • Breast pads if you’re breastfeeding

    Have a read of some real tips from parents

    How to stop your baby crying in the car

    How to stop your baby crying in the car

    My two kids are so different in every way.  When my oldest was in the car he would fall asleep within minutes, as soon as there was motion he would stop crying, we would often drive the long route to keep him sleeping.  We would sit in the car parked outside of the house until he naturally woke not wanting to disturb his slumber.

    When my little one was born it all seemed the same for the first few weeks but at 5 weeks the minute he was in the car he would start crying - screaming even at the top of his lungs.  The second his tiny body lay in the car seat he would cry.  It made even the shortest journeys unbearable.  Thank goodness it didn’t bother big brother.  But the thought of going in the car would send shivers down the back of my legs.  I would rather walk than use the car. Positives are that it saved money, I exercised and the kiddies got fresh air. But when it rained, when we had to go somewhere a bit further, when we went to Devon - there was no convenient alternative to the car and LO would shrill.  The easiest option became the dreaded.

    Fortunately there are a large number of mums who have lived with this issue and we promise you that they do stop crying and will like travelling in the car soon. After ruling out health issues such as reflux or infections - speak to your midwife or GP.

    Here are a few of the things I tried to stop baby crying in the car.

    1. Make sure your baby isn’t too warm or cold. The car seat is very insulated and the baby can heat up quickly.
    2. Make sure the sun isn’t in their face. A car sun shade can help shade the sun.
    3. If he’s big enough and able to support his head - perhaps the head support is restricting his movement.
    4. Make sure the car seat is comfy enough for your baby. Does he need more cushioning/support.  A rolled up muslin placed on the side could make him feel cosier.
    5. Time car travelling with naps - when baby is tired you might find the movement of the car will lull them into a nap
    6. Feed baby just before a car journey - a full tummy may calm them and give baby one less reason to cry
    7. Give baby their favourite comforter - can be in the form of a blanket, dummy or a toy.
    8. Use a car mirror - such as the Onco baby car mirror - this allows them to see your face and more importantly, you can see your baby.
    9. Play their favourite music in the car - this may distract them from the car journey
    10. Try white noise - this can bring on a relaxing atmosphere for them.
    11. Try new music in the car - this will give you a break too!
    12. Make a poster to place on the back rest for them to look at. Black and white or primary colours are best for little babies to look at.
    13. Print a picture of yourself for them to see.
    14. Place the baby’s car seat in the front passenger seat - make sure you turn the front passenger seat air bag off if you have one. The safest position for your baby is in the back but if this works and causes you less stress then your driving will be safer.
    15. Ignore the crying - they aren’t in any danger and you will be safer to reach your destination than to fuss or stress over your baby whilst driving.

    It could have been a coincidence but one day little one was given a Jellycat toy which we had in the car and as soon I I put the toy in his hands, he stopped crying. He was around 4 months old and I will always remember this day.  LO didn’t stop crying altogether but it definitely reduced how much he cried.  A couple of weeks later I realised that I no longer had that dread - he didn’t cry the minute I put him in the car seat, he actually started to enjoy the car rides.  We both enjoyed travelling in the car!


    5 things you didn’t know you would do until you had a baby

    5 things you didn’t know you would do until you had a baby

    We all know that having your precious little baby is life changing. Your body changes forever, you can't sleep, you change a million dirty nappies, you are responsible for everything your baby needs: feeding, changing, cleaning, teaching and loving them.  But who knew all the other things that you would do when you have a baby to make life work.  

    1. Going to the toilet whilst holding your baby – you’ve held on for as long as you can and your baby either hasn’t finished his nap or just will not let you go without crying, and you have already slightly leaked.   So you go to take a pee whilst holding your baby.  It can be done. This is when you realise those jeans are a pain to put back on … with one hand.
    2. Cook whilst holding your baby in one arm -  It’s Wednesday and you haven’t had a home cooked meal since Sunday when husband was at home so you decide to cook dinner but it’s now 6pm and you still haven’t managed to time preparing dinner with your baby.  So you learn the art of one handed dinner preparation and cooking.  The carrots might still have the skin on – it’s hard using a peeler with one hand.  The courgettes might not be perfectly sliced in equal pieces.  Have you ever chopped with a blunt knife before? And the chicken might be overcooked because there are uneven pieces but at least you can say you cooked.
    3. Playing tag at meal times with your partner.  On the days you actually manage to cook dinner you’ll want to enjoy your delicious meal whilst it’s hot.  Why do babies always know when it’s our meal time? And wont’ let you eat in peace.  So one of you holds the baby walking around the house, starving.  At least one of you can enjoy your meal whilst it’s hot although you’ll prob eat it in half the time that you usually do so that your partner can have some food.  
    4. 1 - 2 minute showers – you know still being in your pyjamas at 4pm is normal but in this heat you can’t wait to jump in the shower except baby just won’t let you… so you put him down, he’s crying as if it was the worst thing on earth you could ever do, so you have the fastest shower on record. Barely getting yourself wet.  Lather up and rinse.  The hair can wait until tomorrow.  Hardly relaxing but at least you are clean. Sort of.  You’re saving water at least.   
    5. Breastfeeding on the go – when your baby is half way through his hour long feed and you only have half an hour left of parking and haven’t even picked up one thing from your list of things to get – you’ll find yourself breastfeeding on the go.  As long as he’s being fed you can carry on your with what you need to do. Multitasker extraordinaire!

    Staying cool in warmer weather

    Staying cool in warmer weather

    When the weather gets warmer, I am sure we all know what we should be doing to protect our children from the sun and keep them safe in the hot weather but it doesn't hurt to remind each other and to share our ideas so here, we have outlined a few things of what we do when the sun is out and the temperature rises. A rule to keep in mind is whatever we do for ourselves, we should make sure we do the same and more, for our children.

    UV protection

    The most obvious one is to apply sun cream before leaving home and re-apply throughout the day if necessary. However, it’s also a good idea to invest in some sunnies and a good breathable hat too. If you are going to spend a lot of time in the pool, you can invest in a UV protected swimsuit for all over body protection.

    Keep hydrated

    In this hot weather, kid will sweat a lot more so it is very important that their water intake is more than their normal daily amount. Water stays cooler for longer in insulated water flasks such as the Pura Insulated bottles. As well as water, there are many ways to keep kids hydrated - lollies, smoothies, juices and fruit. Try putting a bottle of water in the freezer overnight and taking it out in the morning so that it gradually melts during the day.  If you are not keen on the ready bought lollies, we recommend making and freezing your own smoothies or juices in a Squeasy Snacker (reusable food pouch) and taking it out with you for the day and it will slowly melt and stay cool - a great refreshing way for the kids to stay cool. You can always make a sweet ice cube by freezing fruit too - but be sure to cut portions to a suitable size for your child.

    Water play

    The best way to enjoy the hot weather and to keep cool is getting the kids wet playing with water. Fill a bucket, fill a paddling pool, fill with toys and you’ll have hours of fun. Getting my kids out of the bath after 10 minutes can be a struggle at times, so unlimited water play in the garden is a kids dream.


    Keep blinds, curtains or shutters drawn as much as possible during the sunny periods. If using a fan, place ice cubes or a frozen bottle of water in front of the fan so it blows and circulate cooler air. Sometimes being indoors can actually be hotter than staying outside - if this is the case, find nice cool areas in your garden or near where you live for some shaded shelter. On the other hand, if the weather outside does get too much, find cooler rooms inside your house or spend a couple of hours in shopping centres or shops and make the most of their air-conditioning.

    Protect their feet

    It’s easy to forget how hot the ground can get in the scorching heat so it is a great idea to have some lightweight shoes suitable for the kids to play and run about it in the hot weather. Also avoids slipping on wet surfaces.

    Most importantly, make the most of the warm weather as we know if never stays around for too long so enjoy and stay safe in the sun.