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    Blogs — Weaning

    Egg will or egg won't?

    Egg will or egg won't?

    A really great BLW food are eggs. They are full of nutritional value including a good source of protein (more or less complete in essential amino acids), a good source of iron, high in cholesterol (beneficial in children), high in vitamins and selenium (for the immune system). Eggs are brilliant as they can be eaten in so many different ways - boiled, scrambled, poached, fried, in an omelette, frittata, pancakes, cakes, the list is never ending and they're so quick and easy to prepare. I often have them if I am stuck for food ideas.

    I have to admit that I have been hesitant trying eggs in LO.  Big brother had an allergic reaction to his first tasting of eggs.  I gave him scrambled eggs at 6.5 months old.  He really took to it and I was happily feeding him but within 3 mouthfuls he became red and blotchy around his mouth, face and spread to his body.   I should have realised when he had a little spot appear around his mouth after the first spoon but I thought it was a coincidence - a heat spot perhaps. But as more and more appeared I knew he was having an allergic reaction.  I didn't know what to do. I was very unprepared.  Thank goodness I had already had Piriton from before - I can't  even remember why but I gave some and called my consultant who advised that as long as he was breathing then the rash would settle in about half an hour.  Sure enough it did.

    When big brother was taken for a out-patient's hospital appointment - a skin prick test showed that he was allergic to eggs and nuts! The egg white is the part of the egg that is the most allergenic but the more cooked/baked it is the less likely they would react.  However big brother reacted to even baked egg yolk.  We persevered and repeatedly challenged him every 6 months and it looked like he would not ever grow out of them. But Christmas 2015 we tried a piece of cake and he had no reaction - woo hoo.  We then tried a boiled egg yolk - again, no reaction.  Next - the egg white - all clear! He's now since grown out of his egg allergy at age 2!. Welcome to the world of eggs big brother.

    Now with LO I chose to give him eggs on a day I had support around me - and during the day too - in case we needed medical attention.  I made scrambled eggs to try.  First attempt - no reaction. But it was just a lick and a gnaw. Perhaps he would react with the second.. a bigger bite this time and still no reaction.  LO had a good go at his scrambled egg and he didn't react.  It was such a big relief. LO egg will! Yay. You definitely appreciate not having an allergy and realise how difficult it is to avoid things when you eat out - but also at nursery and visiting other friend's houses.   


    Day 28: Lunch - omelette. Dinner - whole wheat pasta with red pepper sauce

    Day 29: Lunch - vegetable dumplings. Dinner - Rice, chicken with broccoli and onions

    Day 30: Lunch Toast with scrambled eggs. Dinner - lamb and potato stew

    Day 31: Lunch - broccoli carrots rice chayote. Dinner - broccoli, chicken wing meat, rice

    Day 32: Lunch - toasted bagel - boiled eggs. Dinner - stir fry chicken and beans, rice.

    Day 33: Lunch - steamed pumpkin roll, banana. Dinner - chicken and pumpkin stew, rice.

    Day 34: Lunch - steamed apple, steamed pumpkin roll. Dinner - stir fried noodles, eggs, beans, onions with sea bass.

    Day 35: Lunch - nothing. Dinner - spare ribs, carrots, red peppers.


    Please speak to your doctor for more advice if you have any concerns.  The content of this blog is my personal experience and in no way medical advice.

    A little help with sweet potato

    A little help with sweet potato

    3 weeks in and LO has not pood for 4 days. He's usually a regular pooper - usually between once every other day to twice a day.  He hasn't been showing any signs that he's uncomfortable but he does try to strain when it's time and I worry that he's getting more and more bunged up and it will get worse so I like to nip things like these in the bud before we get too worried.  Even though I'm a pharmacist it's best to try to give natural remedies over medicines first for constipation

    A great tasting food that helps babies poo is sweet potato.  So I gave LO some sweet potato 'chips' for dinner and for lunch the next day. He really enjoyed the sweetness of it and so did his bowels. Later that evening there was a welcome explosion!  His poo looked almost like the sweet potato that went in! 

    Babies do often poo less when they're on solids and may not be constipated even if they do not poo every day.


    Day 21: Lunch - cucumber sticks with beans. Dinner - whole wheat pasta with sweet potato, onions and spinach.

    Day 22: Lunch - beans. Dinner - pasta with tuna, tomato and onions.

    Day 23: Lunch -carrots. Dinner - cod with ginger, rice and courgettes.

    Day 24 Lunch - banana. Dinner - dover sole steamed, rice and beans

    Day 25: Lunch - avocado. Dinner - broccoli, carrots, chicken and sweet potato

    Day 26: Lunch - sweet potato cakes. Dinner chicken, courgettes and rice

    Day 27: broccoli and carrots with udon noodles. Dinner - chicken and spinach pasta.

    Lessons learned

    • Increase fibre, pears, peaches, broccoli and beans in diet.

    Useful links 

    Foods that may cause and relieve baby constipation

    What to do if my baby is choking

    Onco 2 in 1 silicone plate and placemat

    Please speak to your health visitor, nurser or doctor if you are concerned about your baby's poo.

    Baby Led Weaning with Bones

    Going spare!

    We often cook meat on the bone in our family as I find it's much more succulent and flavoursome than without. Maybe it's because I'm not much of a cook - Connie is much better - so my dishes use meat that I can't really destroy!  I can't remember when I started giving big brother meat on the bone but I do know that he was early compared to his peers.  I felt it was beneficial because from an early age he knew how to find little pieces of bone/cartilage/pips in his mouth.  I feel awful when I accidentally leave a piece of fish bone on his plate but thankful that he knows how to take it out from his mouthful of food.   Day 17 - I felt comfortable giving a spare rib to LO. I did wonder how he would take to it and as soon as I put it on LO's plate & placemat I had second thoughts even though I made sure the little bits of cartilage at the ends were removed.However as soon as LO saw the food there was no way I could have taken it away without upsetting him!  He doesn't say much but when he does - we all know it.  LO quickly learnt that the bit sticking out of both ends were too hard to chomp away any meat and had to navigate his head and mouth round to reach the meat. It was entertaining watching him but he managed to gnaw the pork away from the bone and thoroughly enjoyed the task!


    Day 17: Dinner - butternut squash with chicken, and spare ribs

    Day 18: Lunch - avocado. Dinner - Chicken with aubergine

    Day 19: Lunch - steamed butternut squash fingers. Dinner - Broccoli with rice. Steamed apple 

    Day 20: Lunch - Cucumber sticks. Dinner - udon noodles with beans

    Useful links

    What to do if my baby is choking

    Onco 2 in 1 silicone plate and placemat

    chicken with pumpkin pieces for baby led weaning on a silicone plate and placemat

    No more baby poo!

    When you become a parent - especially when your baby starts weaning - your favourite topics of conversation becomes what they're eating and what comes out the other end.  Having dealt with big brother's extremely fast gastrointestinal tract (changing nappies up to 25 times a day right up to when he was 6 months old and even when he was weaning around 10 times a day) I've seen a lot of baby poo!  What I know is that there is no normal. Only what's normal for your child.  Normal varies quite a bit.  Some babies only poo once a week and some, like big brother, poo a lot more. When you start weaning LO may go more or less often and the colour and smell changes with his diet - becoming more like yours!

    This was something I was not looking forward to. As exciting as it is to watch them learn to love food - changing to adult poo is something you just don't get used to. 

    LO took 15 days for his poo to change.  I suppose he didn't actually eat anything for a week or so and then only small quantities up until now. He's now graduated to adult poo. Yay. 

    I have to add from past experience if LO doesn't eat much on a particular day then their poo goes back to milk poo!


    Day 14: Lunch - chicken with pumpkin, broccoli with fine beans

    Day 15: Lunch - banana. Dinner - Beans and carrots and cucumber batons.

    Day 16: Lunch - avocado. Dinner - Steamed turbot with ginger and courgettes

    Useful links

    What is normal baby poo?

    Onco 2 in 1 silicone plate and placemat

    Great-grandma is introduced to baby led weaning!

    Great-grandma is introduced to baby led weaning!

    LO has been progressing really well with his finger food. He's improving his hand eye co-ordination and he is able to target his mouth more often than not though he does get frustrated when he doesn't get what he wants.  

    Almost two weeks in we visited Aunt Connie's with great-grandma. I thought how convenient it was not to worry about what LO was having for dinner. I know Aunt Connie cooks healthily and doesn't add salt to her cooking.  LO simply had what we were having for dinner - delicious stir fried chicken with beans and broccoli with steamed cod and ginger.  LO was sitting at the table when we were serving food and great-grandmother asked what LO would be having for dinner.  I replied the same as us.  To my surprise great-grandmother was very critical.  She asked whether we were going to mash it up for him and feed him, how would he get full from it - he would surely choke?!  She commented on how messy it was and then asked whether we'd feed him with anything else afterwards.  She was disapproving of babyled weaning.  She wondered what on earth we were doing. We explained the concept but still heard tuts from under her breath. Luckily Aunt Connie was around to back me up.  Funnily enough she commented on how 1 year old cousin was so clever as he was able to feed himself with a spoon.  Ha - how delighted was I when I mentioned he was baby led weaned too!


    Day 10: Lunch - avocado. Dinner - broccoli stems

    Day 11: Lunch - banana. Dinner - carrots

    Day 12: Lunch - broccoli. Dinner - Carrots

    Day 13: Lunch - steamed potato chips. Dinner - Stir fried chicken, beans and broccoli. Steamed cod with ginger.

    Lessons Learned

    Don't expect everyone to be impressed that your LO is being baby-led weaned

    Useful Links

    What to do if my baby is choking

    Onco 2 in 1 silicone plate and placemat